Humanitarian Contribution in Sudan: ACNUR appreciates PMZ Group's support for refugees

Humanitarian Contribution in Sudan: ACNUR appreciates PMZ Group's support for refugees


We are pleased to announce that PMZ Group has received a certificate of appreciation for our partnership with ACNUR, a humanitarian aid organization dedicated to refugees.


We have been privileged to work alongside ACNUR to provide support and resources to refugees and displaced people in Sudan. A country where conflict has intensified in recent months and where more than 7 million people have been forced to flee their homes.


This recognition highlights our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and our dedication to helping those facing unimaginable challenges around the world. We believe in the importance of extending a helping hand and providing hope to those who need it most.


This certificate of appreciation is a testament to our partnership, but more importantly, a reminder of the importance of our commitment to global communities. We sincerely thank ACNUR for their tireless work and for giving us the opportunity to contribute to their noble cause.


We will continue to look for ways to support humanitarian initiatives and work towards a more just and compassionate world for all. We encourage all companies to take these important actions for the most vulnerable people.

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