PMZ Comatrans offers its customers a wide range of electrical motors in corrienta alternating and direct current from power until 2000 w 40 kW.
Cabinets and aluminium smelting. Engines with ATEX regulations, RINA, UL, NEMA, ...
In addition we have a warehouse with the components necessary for the conduct of engines as the basis of our models standards: with forced ventilation motors and encoders incorporated or fanless, small engines with flanges or augmentadas, IP-65 engines, and a long etc., for always offer a better service to our customers.

Engines three phase

  • Three-phase asynchronous motors
  • Three-phase synchronous motors
  • Engines with frequency converter incorporated
  • Engines for frequency converters
  • High efficiency motors


Series three phase motors - GM 2005 rev.00 (PDF)

Three phase motors GMS series (PDF)

Engines brake

  • Engines brake AC
  • Engines brake DC
  • Engines brake permanent magnets
  • Engines brake safety
  • Engines with frequency converter


Engines brake series ZKF (PDF)

Motors brake series LENZE TKE rev.02.pdf QB 2005 (PDF)

Engines brake GMS series (PDF)

Engines planes

The design of the engine planes has been considering the various fields of work such as cutting wood, cut from the natural stone, such as marble. The main features of our products as the robustness and the high quality of our engines to meet the needs of our customers.

Dimensions engine planes (PDF)

Engines ATEX

Engines for use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres in the presence of gas, vapours or combustible dust, category 2, suitable for Zone 1, Zone 2 (2G) an area 21 zones 22 (2GD).

Brake motors with ATEX regulations, AC and DC, absolutely watertight IP65

Technical Documentation for ATEX motors

Special engines

  • Manufacture of special motors as indications of the client
  • IP-23 Engines
  • Engines slip rings
  • Engines for ventilation
  • Engines for winches

Motores de dos o tres velocidades

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