PMZ COMATRANS, S.A. is present in the market providing highly qualified technical advices to customers who wish to invest in quality, reliability and innovation. It also has a Power Transmission division, which offers a wide ranfe of products and brands to meet the needs of our customers.



PMZ COMATRANS, S.A. wants to become a technical partner and confidence for our customers in the fields of automation and power transmission.

It Offers a specialized service and continually introducing new products on the market to find the best solution and improve production processes and results for your business.



PMZ Comatrans, S.A. offers values of reliability, quality, innovation and service on its products targeted at the automation systems and a wide range of brands to satisfy different demands on service and product quality for our customers



  • Reliability of equipment supplied.
  • Efficiency, professionalism and speed of service provided.
  • Approach to the need to transform your business.