PMZ COMATRANS, S.A. provides products and technical advice to develop solutions in the fields of automation and power transmission.


In PMZ COMATRANS our customers find a technical team that advises within the broad range of products and services, offering always the best solution.


In the field of automation systems, we aim to offer products and solutions that respond to high operational reliability,offering a hight quality service and response. This is because our partners are consolidated companies, leaders in their respective sectors, with a significant presence over the world.


When our customers come into contact with the power transmission department,different levels in quality, response, specialty products, service or price are not border to find the best solution. To that end, PMZ COMATRANS has a wide range of brands and products to meet the various demands and requirements of our customers.


In addition we have a customer service specialized in each product that our customers can trust is time to make repairs or technical assistance, to avoid delays or loss of production.