The spirit of service to our customer has made that our team establish various criteria to present the best solution. Thus has a wide range of products and brands to find them standard equipment of transmission, which offers the best bid value, as well as transmission equipment, or special high-technology, to meet the most stringent requirements and to provide solutions to the most complex situations.

Reductores COBRA
GHIRRI Reductores
PCM Reenvios angulares
ALBERT Acoplamientos
NERI Motores
Reductores Guibe
Motores Seipee
Reductores GSM
SMEI Reductores
Bonfiglioli Reductors
Motovario Reductores
David Brown Reductores
STM Reductores


ATLAS Reductores
PMZ Variac Reductores y variadores
Motores Sacardo
Reductores BAUER
Motores Siemens
Motores ABB
Poleas Berges
Reductores Minimotor
Reductores benzlers
Reductores tramec
Reductores Varmec
BROWN/TLS Reductores Minimotor