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The implementation of the three systems of cams (Globoidal, Cilíndrica and Flat) in the manufacture of Cam system (indexers), together with the wide range of sizes, represents our competitive advantage. For each application we selected appropiate the cam system.
Roller Dial Indexer Mod. IT - Q1 - HP

Our cam driven szstem present a great load capacity working in all positions.

They emphasize by its maximum rotation flatness and its extreme cam geometry.

* Mod. IT: High load moment/maximum rotation flatness/Minimum space

* Mod. TR: Great load capacity in every work station/static load up to 48 Tn.

* Mod. HP: High stability/Allows accomplishment extreme cam geometry


* Mod. Plates multiposition: The perfect plate combination of precision with the electronics of motors brusless, does possible to obtain plates with different number of stations.

* Index Ring: Plate splitter with great central hollow axis of dimesiones. (to see photo (ampliar))

* Flat index: Plate splitter for applications where the space and the compact being are but the important thing





Platos divisores de levas planas

Indexadores de giro intermitentes Mod. IP


Platos divisores de levas globoidales
Unidades de giro intermitiente Mod. IG – IGA – TG

Unidades de giro intermitente para aplicaciones de altas cargas a gran velocidad.


Technical documentation TG
Technical documentation globoidal cams model TG en 2D