Montrac is a transport system with self-propelled cars.
Montrac is distinguished by its modular system, which allows a wide range of configurations, thanks to its 12 components


The anti-collision of cars and their design, make Montrac in an ideal system for the transport of highly sensitive products or liquid. Being free from static electricity is becoming the perfect ally for electronic products. It is a good way to work within white rooms, applications in the areas of assembly, pharmaceutical, electronics, plastics, telecommunications and logistics


  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Free impacts
  • Compatible with white rooms
  • Free static charge (EMC)

Montrac has more than 500 installations worldwide.

Montrac is a system monorrail self tanks with a capacity of carrying a maximum load of 24 kg. Platform standard 200x300, 300x400, 200x550 mm. And a transportation speed 30 m / min. With smooth acceleration and braking.


Look at the technical documentation for Montrac in PDF format.

Comparison FMS Systems vs. MONTRAC

FMS System 100 paletts

Dibujo de 100 palets

MONTRAC 16 paletts

Dibujo 16 carros